Impeach him now!

Call to Impeach Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump has failed his duties as President of the United States. He has embraced our enemies and vilified our allies. He has told countless lies and slandered Individuals who have done nothing but serve this country honorably, He has acted with impunity while allowing his cronies to dismantle and dismantle our government and our intelligence apparatus but most importantly our rule of law. He has used the office of the President to enrich himself, his family and friends and used the constitution as a cover while violating that same constitution at every opportunity. Democrats have finally begun impeachment hearings but there is speculation that it wont pass a Republican held senate. It is up to us to leave them with no choice. That is why everyday we must contact our representatives and let them know that this man must be removed from office and that “no man is above the law.”

The Defendant

The Fixer

William A. Barr

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You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121